We’re going to the beach!

Oh heeeeeeeey! We’re headed to the beach for a couple days so our weekly menu will  be a little late, and we won’t be responding to emails. We will be at the Thursday Hydro Market, and the Saturday St. Norbert Market however, so we’ll see you soon! 
😚 Kim 

Markets and Menus for the Week of July 20th!

Hello Cupcakes,

Last week was amazing and we sold out at both markets. THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your support Winnipeg! 

We are sooooo excited for the upcoming week! This week we are making so many of our favourite flavours, and we are making more cupcakes than before, so hopefully no one misses out on getting their treats. Check out what we’re up to:

Yay! Feel free to email hellocupcakewpg@gmail.com to have us set aside your favorite flavour for you. You can also feel free to email with suggestions about what you would like us to bring to next week’s markets.

We’re set up at the Hydro Market until 3!

Good Morning, the rain has stopped and it’s time to pop out for a sweet treat! hello cupcake is set up behind the Hydro building with a variety of cupcakes and donuts, so stop by. We are in low supply today, as we had a couple of large orders right off the bat, so be aware we will probably run out of treats shortly after the lunch hour. Make sure you get yours before they’re gone!

Kim – hello cupcake